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Digital variable data UV inkjet printers are very popular with customers in many industries

The industrial inkjet printer is a high-tech product which integrates machinery and electronics by using charged ink particles deflected byhigh-voltage electric field, to print QR code, barcode, image, characters and numbers on the surface of various objects. Combined with flexible and practical printing software interface, it can edit variable contents for printing. The inkjet printing equipment is widely used in food, medicine, textile, electronics and other industries, making the code printing and packaging of products in various industries more perfect, to meet the growing industrial needs.

Nowadays, the technology of variable data marking and coding printing has been applied more and more widely in industry, and the complexity of its application has greatly increased, which makes marking and coding become an indispensable part of various industries.

The reasons why products need to be marked and coded:

- Facilitating product identification and tracking records.

- Obvious anti-counterfeiting effect. The achievement of one object one code traceability can eliminate imitation.

- Increasing the added value of the product may be that the product appears to be of a higher grade, enhancing the brand and popularity of the product.

- Environmental protection and safety. It does not contain any substances harmful to human body and environment.

The digital inkjet printer with high resolution is the crystallization of computer and high technology. It has digital-photo level definition and high reliability. The software version can be upgraded. The combination of industrial variable data inkjet printer and traditional printing equipment has greatly played the role of variable marking and coding, with constant technological innovation. AROJET inkjet printing systems have strong functions, easy operation and simple maintenance. They are becoming more popular with our customers by its high cost-effective performance and bring high-end quality of different inkjet printing solutions for various industries and fields.

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