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Custom Pesticide Qr Code Transform The Production Line


After the implementation of QR codes in medicine, veterinary drugs, and traditional Chinese medicine, my country emphasized that codes must be assigned to pesticide production in January 2018. The implementation of pesticide QR codes is no longer a matter of paper, but must be implemented in place. For those large and medium-sized companies that have various pesticide packaging production lines, a set of QR codes that can cover all products from the inner and outer packaging of the QR code printing, production and collection-related code assignment software and equipment, data storage and uploading of the QR code coding System is needed. , the use of this system will also involve the transformation of production management processes.

Of course, some companies may not take this information too seriously. When they produce pesticides, they still print a pesticide QR code on the smallest package, and the production process is not related. The basic code of product bag (bottle) and the secondary code of box are not uploaded to the platform. Starting in January 2018, companies that do not follow the regulations to produce and operate with QR code assignments, production associations, and listings without uploading are definitely not considered standard enterprises. Under the retrospective two-dimensional code regulations, delusional thoughts and behaviors will be eliminated by the market.

Targeted rectification of the existing automatic label printing system, using pre-coded product bulk packaging, company registration product solidification code table, production software, on-site collection related code assignment, quality control, warehouse in and out, The data uploading public welfare platform and the QR code coding system designed by the marketing interactive link, distinguish between online and offline modes, must be included in the overall plan, and more importantly, the backbone must be trained and implemented step by step in a planned way. This is the top priority of every pesticide manufacturer .

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