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Color content printers look for different colors for your packaging


There are colors to make the world colorful, of course, there are various colors of patterns or QR codes on the product packaging. Arojet brand color inkjet printer can print color QR code, color barcode and color variable pattern on the product surface. Read out the content can be printed according to the variable data you made, to achieve the product of one thing and one code, effective anti-counterfeiting, traceability, supervision, etc., use the two-dimensional code to establish quality traceability, and effectively enhance product safety. The color content printer is widely used in industrial production. It can print on a variety of flat products, clear, scratch-resistant, high scanning rate, high production efficiency, and mainly improve business efficiency backing equipment.

The distance between the material and the nozzle is usually about 2mm. The customer usually uses the printer to print the paper or the corona treatment after printing the color content on the single sheet feeding platform, that can be achieved strong adhesion and high scanning rate. The color content printer can print color barcode, color QR code, color dot matrix code, color garbled color, color picture, color Chinese and English, etc. The SP-9800 industrial inkjet coder is for color variable data market development and design, equipment cost-effective, to achieve large and medium-sized enterprises can be used to buy with confidence and with peace of mind.

Using Kyocera industrial nozzles, a single nozzle with a width of 108mm and a printing width of 432mm, the high-speed, stable, smooth and long-life color content printer can be installed freely, which not only reduces labor costs, but also shortens the working turnaround time and improves the brand image. The longitudinal precision of the nozzle can reach 600dpi high-definition coding effect, the lateral precision can reach 200dpi-1200dpi printing effect, ensure the high reading rate after the QR code is assigned, configure the product data acquisition equipment, and detect the QR code printing in real time. The situation, eliminate the waste code, re-code, and prevent foreseeable production problems in time.

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