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Classification Introduction Of Industrial Inkjet Coding Printer


In the printer industry, the quality of the industrial inkjet coding printer is different, and it will be reflected in the price. The core of the work of the inkjet coding printer is the high-efficiency and orderly cooperation of the circuit system and the ink system, and the material of the materials used in these key systems is critical. More performance in the extension of foreign imports, the inkjet coding printerused in the price of imported materials is naturally high. Numerous prices are typically between 10,000 to 60,000 yuan. Users want to use high cost-effective products within the scope they need.

There is such a few characteristics of inkjet coding printer, first of all, the performance is excellent, strong practical, simple and continuous work failure, and the performance is stable and reliable. To really do a full grasp of the performance of the prisoner, you can use the method of trying the prototype. Start the prototype, carefully observe the working state of the machine, observe whether the details of the machine are in place, whether the workman is excellent, the spray code is strict, etc. At the same time, it is also guaranteed by the products produced by large brand printed machine manufacturers.

In the case of more than half a century of more than half a century, the industrial inkjet coding printer continuous technical upgrade and improvement, to the type of the inkjet coding printer, from the spraying method, the three major categories - even inkjet printer, pick Falling inkjet printer machine and laser inkjet printer.

It can be divided into two major categories-inkjet printer and non-ink inkjet printer from the consumables used. The shape of the inkjet coding printer is also different, one is that the product is fixed, and the spray terminal is continuously moved on the product, and this type of equipment mainly is mainly handheld equipment.

The other class is to adapt to the online inkjet coding printer developed by the pipeline production, as the name suggests, the online inkjet coding printer is to adapt to the production of the coding member to continuously moving the coding on the production line. The common inkjet printer in the market have domestic imports and joint ventures. In the recent years, the market share of domestic printers in the years is continuously improved, and the quality and even over the imported products.

Since the ink-type coding technology is relatively widely practical in China, the working principle of the inkjet coding printer is highlighted here. When the inkjet coding printer performs compressed gases by the gear pump inside the computer during operation, a portion of the pressure is applied to the ink inside the system such that the ink has a very small nozzle spraying. And according to the crystal oscillating principle, the injected ink is processed, and the ink droplets that form the same size of the same size are sprayed onto the product. Since the drying speed of the ink can be very fast, it is suitable for some products that are continuously rapidly processed.

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