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Arojet's Inkjet Coding Machine Solutions



Established in 2004, Guangdong AROJET INK JET Technology CO. Ltd. has more than 19 years of industry experience, developing from dependence on imported products to laying out major areas of strength for domestic examination, improvement, and assembly in the field of modern inkjet printing machines. Settled in the flourishing Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao More prominent Cove Region in China, AROJET brags a thorough portfolio state of state-of-the-art items, including side-streaming variable data inkjet printers, industrial UV inkjet label printers, wide-design inkjet printing machines, adaptable bundling printing arrangements, etc and that's just the beginning. With a pledge to development and client achievement, AROJET keeps on driving the way in the realm of modern inkjet printing innovation.Our head offices are decisively situated in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao and Bay Region in China, guaranteeing simple access for you. From side-streaming variable data inkjet printers to Arojet Inkjet coding machine solutions, we want to furnish you with the best solutions in the business. Go along with us in reclassifying the future of inkjet coding machine innovation on the grounds. At AROJET, your prosperity is our main impetus.

Brief Overview of Arojet as a Versatile Provider of Inkjet Coding Solutions

Inkjet Coding addresses a flexible framework and interaction for precisely stamping item bundling or straightforwardly printing on parts with exclusive data, for example, text, part numbers, expiry dates, and shift codes. Their assorted customers, spreading over different industries, keep on partaking in the advantages of the Arojet Inkjet Coding items they supply. Inkjet coding machines assume a significant part in assisting organizations with consenting to naming principles guidelines. The inability to satisfy these guidelines can bring about fines, reviews, and different punishments. Luckily, inkjet coding innovation works on consistency, guaranteeing, and exact item marking.

Inkjet Coding Machine Overview

The C1 sheet-took care of computerized variable information inkjet printing machine is a flexible arrangement reasonable for different materials and shapes. It can print variable information, for example, standardized identifications, two-layered codes, chronic numbers, and date codes on things like jug covers, dishes, pottery, and metals. Working at speeds from 0-45 meters each moment, it accomplishes an actual goal of up to 360dpi, or 200dpi at 50 meters each moment. With 'A' grade inkjet printing quality and a checking qualified pace of 99.9%, it guarantees accuracy. The machine can print characters as little as 1mm and two-layered codes as reduced as 5x5mm.


Sheet Feed and Roll to Roll Printing

The C1 model offers flexibility, supporting both sheet-took care of and roll-to-move printing, making it appropriate for different applications. It serves ventures like food, drink, drugs, gadgets, and equipment, giving practical and solid inkjet printing arrangements. Whether for many-sided coding needs or guaranteeing consistence and item honesty, the C1 machine conveys quality outcomes to meet assorted creation necessities.

The Role of Coding and Printing Technology in Modern Industries

In numerous businesses, including food creation and aerospace industries, detectable item markings are fundamental. Inkjet coding machines assume an indispensable part. For example, food makers use them to guarantee item responsibility during travel and speedy review of distinguishing proof. Aerospace producers depend on them for quality confirmation and consistency with industry norms. Retailers frequently require termination dates on items, which inkjet coding machines can proficiently print. To put it plainly, coding and printing innovation are essential in present-day enterprises.

Inkjet Coding Machine Solutions and Pharmaceutical industries

Arojet's ability in the pharmaceutical business reaches out to its front-line inkjet coding machines. With an emphasis on accuracy, productivity, and cost-viability, our inkjet coding machines, for example, the DuraCode Touchscreen model, have become important instruments for drug makers.

(CIJ) model innovation, incorporated into these inkjet coding machines, equals the exhibition of the laser while offering a tremendous expense advantage. These machines take into consideration the fast coding and stamping of drug items, guaranteeing precision and consistency with guidelines. Whether coding onto bottles, rankle packs, containers, or names,  inkjet coding machines offer adaptability and customization choices to meet the particular necessities of your creation line.

Inkjet Coding Machine Solutions for the Beverage Industry

InkJet coding machines offer a different scope of stamping solutions, including inkjet coding machines, laser frameworks, and trend-setting innovation. it is customized to help beverage organizations to severe industry rules. Appropriate item markings in the beverage area are critical for production network discernibility, quality confirmation, and customer well-being. Obscured or inappropriately applied codes can prompt item reviews, fines, and even termination in outrageous cases.


By working together with our outreach group, you can find a stamping framework that definitively meets your requirements, whether it's applying codes, termination dates, or other necessary information. It flawlessly incorporates into your creation line, or enduring brutal natural circumstances. InkJet coding machines engage drink makers, everything being equal, to stay away from exorbitant traps and guarantee their items are stamped. It encourages trust and security in the commercial center.

Inkjet Coding Machine Solutions for the Electronic Products

In the domain of electrical parts coding and checking, inkjet coding machines have arisen as an extraordinary innovation. Their capacity to deliver high-goal and durable codes has changed how we name and distinguish electrical parts. Inkjet printing, prestigious for its effectiveness and dependability, has tracked down a conspicuous spot in checking different electronic items, especially connectors and delicate electronic parts. It guarantees the life span of essential data as well as works with the incorporation of indispensable information, for example, dates, part numbers, and scanner tags on these things. In an industry where accuracy and exactness are fundamental, inkjet coding machines have quickly turned into the favored technique for naming electronic parts, electrical establishment materials, and links. Their adaptability and productivity have made them a crucial resource in the electrical business' journey for smoothed-out and dependable stamping solutions.

Arojet: A Trusted Name

Moreover, Arojet's obligation to limit continuous costs with proficient ink use and low support prerequisites guarantees that our inkjet coding machines give a financially savvy, and long-haul answer for drug organizations. By picking Arojet's innovation, drug makers, Beverage industry and electronic industry can procure a modern coding arrangement without stressing their spending plans. It guarantees that each item is precisely and clearly set apart with fundamental data, for example, batch numbers, expiry dates, and standardized tags while keeping up with industry principles.

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