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Benefit & Application Of UV Inkjet Label Printing In Cosmetics


The rapid development of cosmetics, beauty and skin care products and even personal care in recent years has naturally brought unlimited business opportunities and development to cosmetics inkjet label printing and packaging companies. In addition to meeting the needs of cosmetic brands, inkjet label printing companies need to improve their label and packaging finishing processes, convey brand information more perfectly, and meet consumers' expectations of environmental protection concepts. Of course, it is also necessary to fully understand the various related legal regulations in the field of beauty and personal care, as well as solutions for more different shapes and sizes of component labels. The market provides a variety of materials for cosmetics labels, various adaptable and compressible basic film materials. In the selection of label materials, the main purpose is to always maintain its integrity and have a good barrier to water and oil. It is easy to use, and will not cause wrinkles, tears or scratches due to handling.

Cosmetics are on the market, and the content must be marked on the cosmetics inkjet label printing spray code and packaging and must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. Product ingredients and consumer warnings must appear on the product label or package. In addition, most cosmetics are packaged in small quantities, which will affect the size of the label to become smaller, and for high-quality printing of fine text, the cosmetics label must be clearly readable, easy to identify and not easy to erase. It is recommended that the UV inkjet label printer be equipped with RICOH high-definition print heads to achieve high standards for label printing quality in terms of readability and description accuracy.

In addition, environmental protection and sustainability are also our focus. Fragrance and essential oil-containing products in the cosmetics industry are most suitable for film-based labels. In these areas, environmentally-friendly or recyclable film labels will become a trend. Environmental protection is every The basic social responsibility of an enterprise.

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