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As a supplier of packaging identification equipment, let's talk about packaging marketing


  The economic downturn and the international situation are tense. As the food and beverage industry that consumers just need has become less stable, even the growth of more than 10% is difficult to achieve. In the face of a weak market, food and beverage giants began to make a big fuss about product packaging, and strive to promote product sales and enhance brand image through packaging. Not to mention, in this era of "hot value", the new and unique product packaging really gives the brand a long face. Consumption upgrades and new model retailing are the main directions for the development of the food and beverage industry in recent years. The price war is no longer the main means for food and beverage brands to compete for the market. Emerging brands are making efforts in traditional and online entertainment. In this turbulent market, food and beverage product packaging is also constantly upgrading in this wave of market waves. Anojie is not only a supplier of packaging marking equipment, but also a complete supplier of coding solutions. In the current fierce competition, companies can only improve their own strength and technological advantages, and they can occupy a place in the market.

 For several successful cases of food packaging marketing, packaging is indispensable in the food and beverage industry applications. Successful packaging generally has these three factors; understanding consumer preferences, will be high design level will be accurate Applied to packaging, nowadays, consumers are increasingly willing to buy products for good design. Such cases abound, such as the "bottle marketing" of the whole juice, in the introduction of the line of words, these lines of words are published lively TV dramas through the lines, synchronized with the TV series comprehensive sales, great success; Jiang Xiaobai graduation season, Jiang With the theme of “Calling the bottle and not dispersing youth”, Xiaobai launched the “Handwritten Bottle”, which allows graduates to hand-write “friendship in the window” in the blank space of the bottle, which has received a lot of follow-up from consumers. Consumers are becoming more and more popular, and the influence and consumption power of the circle culture pursued are expanding. Compared with good drinks, fun is more important. It is essential for a product to be marketed for packaging and labeling, and packaging identification equipment for packaging and label printing is also indispensable.

 The label design printing process is limited to the limited printing area of the product packaging. The label information is presented in two modes. First, the food label information is directly printed on the product using the labeling device or the shrinkage of the self-adhesive label and the PET shrink film. The label printing method enables the label to be displayed. The label is generally printed by the main product content and on-demand printing, combining the actual product information, and using the inkjet coding machine or digital printing machine. The packaging identification equipment is suitable for food label printing and flexible food packaging for non-food contact surfaces. CMYK color ink is used to ensure the quality and color accuracy of the output image, nozzle monitoring and automatic cleaning technology, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

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