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Arojet showcases its elegance with high-quality marking printer


With the advantages of flexible use, high efficiency and low cost in two-dimensional code printing, the spraying code equipment has played a great role in improving the image of enterprises and products, promoting product sales, improving work efficiency and increasing economic benefits. Therefore,Marking printer its application scope is developing rapidly and its application field is expanding day by day. A high-tech product involves many scientific fields, but the technology of each machine is different or slightly different in ink system, spray printing system, software control and electronic system.

In order to fully meet the high-end needs of customers, Arojet independently developed and launched series C and X industrial inkjet printer. The logo coder supplied by the coder manufacturer has stronger integration, flexibility, operability, closer to internationalization, while retaining the advantages of previous products in process design, it has a more beautiful appearance and occupies an area. The scope is small, it can combine the automatic production line of the enterprise, quickly realize the transformation of the production line of the enterprise, reduce the cost of upgrading and transformation to a lower level. At the same time, ink is necessary for the use of the jet printer, and it is also the focus of safety awareness and management in the product. Only by combining the two can we make more use of the value and show the elegant demeanor.

The marking printer itself belongs to the category of automation equipment, so whether it is "Industrial 4.0" or "China Zhi Mao 2025", it is the strong support of the state for this industry, is a recognition and encouragement. Arojet considers the interests of customers, making equipment is actually doing human resources, enterprises want to make brand. Honesty is the first, good products, good service, win-win with customers, common progress, win-win can promote development.

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