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AROJET series single piece label variable data UV inkjet printers

From the development trend of global label in recent years, we can see that flexographic printing, narrow rotary printing and digital printing have become new highlights of label printing in the countries all over the world, and are also the development trend of label printing. Labels are divided into single sheet feeding and roll-to-roll feeding, which can run synchronously on the production line, and can experience the value-added of equipment. The wide application of labels and the increasing variety of labels naturally promote the rapid development of label printing technology and printing industries. The professional single sheet UV printer of AROJET brand perfectly solves the problem of coding for your products.

The industrial single label UV inkjet printing equipment supplied by AROJET company has a maximum width of 576 mm (C2, 8 heads in a row), and a maximum printing speed of 45 m/min, with no blockage of nozzles, self-contained negative pressure ink circuit control, positive pressure nozzle cleaning, variable ink temperature control, improved internal operating environment, and improved machine stability. The scanning grade of two-dimensional code and barcode can reach grade A, with high adhesion, friction resistance, scratch resistance and alcohol resistance. The inkjet coded contents can be performed before printing or after printing, and it does not affect the post-processing procedures, such as polishing, film coating, die cutting, etc. It is an ideal sheet-fed variable data inkjet printing system for medical, drug, food, tickets and so on. AROJET company provides both simple and complex production line full-directional solution, combined with customer conditions to save costs, easy to install in the production line for synchronous use, improve efficiency, to bring great profit margin for your enterprise to bring.

Many AROJET models can be used not only for roll material but also for sheet material printing. C1 and C2 are more suitable for sheet label inkjet printing in terms of cost and speed. C1 and C2 variable data UV jet printers are made of KONICA print head, which is wear-resistant and have long service life, can run steadily for 7*24 hours. They use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic UV ink, can print variable bar codes, variable two-dimensional codes, variable numbers and letters, manufacturing dates and batch numbers on paper, label, metal foil, PET, PVC, PE, PP and other materials. The configured devices such as synchronizer, data detection and collection system and UV-LED water cooling equipment make the printing faster and more convenient, to save energy and cost, solidifying and finalizing at one time on one stop, for meeting the different production needs of printing enterprises.

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