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Arojet printing System Helps Open Intelligent Packaging Layout with RFID Label Technology


When it comes to smart tags, the first thing you think about is RFID radio frequency identification. Its function is to identify and track all kinds of commodities that are popular in the commercial market, and to export the required information to common small tags. "Intelligence" refers to the ability of layering data into label printing materials in the label production process so that labels have new features, such as non-contact, non-line-of-sight reading and programmable design, dynamic data storage and instant and effective exchange of information with other similar labels. At the beginning of its birth, RFID tags were applied in military fields, and then in commercial areas such as Shangchao, logistics, retail, road toll, logistics, cargo tracking, access control, parking lot management, identity recognition, aviation and other fields, the application of RFID technology is becoming more and more widespread.

Analyzing the current market of RFID smart tags, we can only imagine how big the market is. Looking at the arrival of the 5G era, the application of RFID tags in airline baggage, logistics, unmanned supermarkets and Uniqlo, Di Canon, Nike, Hailan Country and other international and domestic apparel sports brand tags has become widespread. Jing is the general trend. Intelligent labeling technology not only plays a role in packaging, but also can track inventory, prevent goods loss, detect food deterioration, identify wine authenticity, remind patients to take medicine on time; become a carrier of coupons and discount promotions, and interact with consumers to play games; and even be able to entertain consumers. Consumers, to achieve dialogue with consumers. Arojet  Printing System will be really applied to label production. The R&D team of the company is full of enthusiasm for new things. The spray printing equipment has the function of eliminating good and bad products, simple and flexible operation, modular design, fast production, flexible and changeable characteristics.

Arojet  printing system smells the business opportunities of RFID tag printing, because the rising cost of labor forces all walks of life are trying to replace manual settlement and statistics with new technologies such as RFID. In addition, the advent of 5G era provides a strong technical guarantee for the anti-counterfeiting tag Market of RFID technology. Under the trend of interconnection of all things, From the comprehensive evaluation point of view, RFID tag is the best choice, which can not be surpassed in a short time. Arnold Jet Printing System has made a detailed distinction on printing equipment. According to the diversified needs of customers for equipment cost, accuracy, productivity, stability and so on, it has launched multiple products in the smart tag and smart packaging market. Product series X9 high speed inkjet printer, X6 label variable data spray printing system, CMYK color digital printing press, etc., Arnold Jet has a long-term plan for product updating, updating is not the next generation to overthrow the previous generation, but will integrate their own technical characteristics, according to the actual business development needs of customers. To provide customers with more suitable and cost-effective products.

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