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AROJET inkjet printing machine to print payment transaction code

Nowadays, mobile payment has become a common existence in China. From star hotels, chain restaurants to roadside restaurants or pancake stands, you can see QR codes or scanners paying. Credit cards have not been able to get out of a few consumption places in China for more than 20 years. Mobile payment has become as popular as cash in only two years. Faced with the rapid rise of mobile phone scanner payment, in order to make it convenient for buyers and consumers to use mobile phone scanning payment, in many convenience stores, shops, restaurants, gas stations, charging stations and other places, sellers will print their receipts QR code on the label, posted on the location that consumers can easily access, to facilitate consumers to scanning payment. Consumers can pay by binding bank cards to their mobile phones and downloading payment software APP. AROJET company has done a successful case on printing scanning payment labels. It can use X1 inkjet printing machine to complete this operation, so that the label with QR code on it has the payment function.

AROJET inkjet printer model X1 + Rewinding Platform is a complete set of coding solutions tailor-made for the label industry. The label payment inkjet printing system has fully automatic and convenient alignment, more comprehensive overall control with the combination of the platform. The printing speed is 60m/min. at printing resolution 600*600dpi, without white blanks and bad lines. It can print variable QR codes and numbers to meet different customer requirements. You can download WeChat payment, Alipay payment, cloud flash payment, universal payment, and many banks' own binding bank card application software through your mobile terminal, and scan the seller QR code to complete the transaction. It is very convenient and simple to use, and achieve multi benefits among sellers, buyers, payment platforms and banks.

Traditional printing press can't print variable two-dimensional codes, variable barcodes, and dynamic numbers. The printing software of variable data inkjet printer has powerful editing function and can meet different requirements of variable inkjet printing. Now it has been widely used in various industries. With the rapid development of science and technology and the popularization of Internet use, mobile phone scanner payment has become the most commonly used payment method. AROJET team will continue the pioneering and innovation, to make our contribution to the rapid development of the scanner payment industry.

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