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Arojet concentrates on building all-round jet printer equipment


Nowadays, the quality and safety of products have attracted much attention. The jet printer equipment has become an indispensable equipment in the production lines of various industries. Because the packaging materials of products in different industries are different, it requires users to choose suitable jet code solutions to meet the needs of production lines. As a 16-year-old company, Arojet has continuously developed and enriched its product range to meet users'high requirements in the field of identification, and to provide users with a variety of stable and reliable code-jet solutions.

Whether the product can get a clear and high-quality mark is the concern of the production enterprises. The adhesion of ink is usually an important reference index for the selection of ink types. In the application of high gloss and high density surface, the ink with high adhesion is selected. The ink nozzle is not blocked and has strong adhesion, without external pressure, compressed air and dilution. Agent. The spray printer equipment has a single sprinkler with a width of 36mm-108mm, a speed of 45m/min-350m/min, a transverse 200 dpi-1200dpi adjustable, high-grade industrial protection and durability.

Arojet has 16 years of experts specializing in the research of spraying code technology. Its profound and extensive knowledge ensures that it can provide mature and reliable industrial spraying code solutions for users. At the same time, it lays a foundation for the future development of enterprises. It strives to make innovative efforts to ensure that Arojet industrial inkjet printer is always in the leading position and will spray code technology. On the basis of continuing efforts to expand the product range of industrial jet coder system, through the global sales and distribution network, we continuously meet the needs of users all over the world, providing users with a variety of excellent jet coder equipment, ink, supporting equipment and value-added services, and establishing trust for users. State-owned enterprises.

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