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AROJET color inkjet printer SP-9800 brings unique charm to your packaging

SP-9800 innovative industrial digital color inkjet printing system, uses advanced technology, modular design, flexible combination with flexographic, die cutting and label printing equipment and post-press production line, to achieve perfect inkjet printing. The piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technology (DOD) is used in the color printer. The lengthways printing precision is 600dpi (physical resolution), and the crosswise printing precision can be up to 1200dpi. The maximum printing speed can reach 100m/min. It adopts 108mm wide format print head, which greatly reduces the configuration of pipeline and wires and the time of print head installation and adjustment.  The color inkjet printing machine is suitable for printing many materials of different thickness. The user-friendly design of the printing software has powerful editing function, the unique function of variable data printing can achieve one object one code, so that each product can be traceable, and conforms to the development of modern logistics and electronic supervision.

AROJET color inkjet printer SP-9800 adopts KYOCERA industrial piezoelectric print head., which uses unique ceramic nozzle technology to achieve high-density configuration. The variable control of ink droplets can achieve photo-level clarity. The wear-resistant and durable ceramic nozzle,  and the ink constant temperature heating make the nozzle not easy to block, can achieve 7*24 hours of high-speed and stable operation. UV ink is environmentally-friendly and harmless. It can print color variable two-dimensional codes, one-dimensional codes, letters, symbols and color pictures on paper, label, film, metal foil, PET, PVC, PE, PP, OPP, BOPP, wood board, metal plate, glass, ceramic tile and many other materials. The printing can be fast curing and drying by the UV-LED curing water-cooling equipment, with stable quality of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non-fading, to meet the different production needs of many enterprises.

Features of AROJET color inkjet printer:

- Four-color CMYK, Seven-level grayscale and 108mm wide-band inkjet printing, with bright and beautiful color.

- Good printing adaptability, suitable for different thicknesses and materials (maximum material thickness is 50mm).

- For very thin film materials such as PVC, PET, OPP, PP, BOPP, etc, prepress corona treatment is used to ensure the printing quality.

- High quality KYOCERA print head with long service life.

- High-density arrayed nozzles make printing smooth, and ink temperature can be controlled so that nozzles are not easily blocked.

- The inkjet equipment can be set up on-line in customer production lines, or platforms can be configured separately along with the inkjet machine for customers.

- Strong editing function of color printing software, the software interface supports secondary development.

- UV ink, green and eco-friendly, no any VOC material.

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