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AROJET C3 side-jetting inkjet printer ensures the carton printing quality

Cartons are the most widely used packaging. They are divided into multiple corrugated box, single corrugated box, white surface card laminated box, outer packing carton and single packaging box according to different materials and uses. Carton packaging has very high printing requirements for inkjet coding information, such as the printing specification, definition, aesthetics, ink adhesion, etc. The new generation C3 side jet printer which was developed by AROJET team is smaller in size, lighter in weight, more simple, beautiful and practical in appearance than the previous generation side jetting printer. The more reasonable outline of the print head makes the side jetting or downward jetting more accurate and smooth. The software has more humanized design, powerful editing function and wide compatibility with the formats and contents of original imported documents. All above outstanding features make C3 model very popular with the customers and highly praised by our customers once it was launched.

Carton packaging is widely used in daily life and industrial production, from commodity production to retail and then to Taobao shopping express, carton packaging is used everywhere. With the application of high technology in modern management of logistics industry and supervision departments, product identification, traceability and anti-counterfeiting have become more and more regular. Printing variable two-dimensional codes, variable bar codes, batch numbers and production dates on outer packing cartons and individual packaging boxes has become a necessary process for product packaging in a wide range of industries. C3 side jetting printer can print variable codes on cartons with different surface materials and thicknesses. It can solve the problem of modern code printing for customers and provide reliable equipment for the smooth progress of customers' business.

The unique functions of C3 side jetting printer are as follows:

1) Use KONICA 512 print head, a row of eight print heads can reach the maximum printing width of 288 mm.

2) Side jetting methods include:  single side jetting, double side jetting, side jetting + downward jetting.

3) The maximum printing speed can reach 45 m/min and the maximum printing resolution can reach 360*1200 dpi.

4) Printing software can edit various formats of documents and pictures and support secondary development.

5) The UV-LED curing water cooling system equipped by AROJET can achieve instantaneous quick drying and low ink loss.

6) use high-quality UV ink, 100% green environmental-protective.

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