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AROJET automatic inkjet printing machine for marking on iron box

Tinplate is a tin coated iron sheet, which is uneasy to rust, also called tin plated iron. It has strong antioxidant property and various styles, which being well-sealed, light-proof and good storability. With the continuous improvement and perfection of tinplate processing technology, tinplate packaging is more and more widely used, especially in food, beverage, medicine and daily necessities industries. AROJET variable data UV jet printers can meet the requirements of marking relevant contents on the iron-tin cap or body, such as variable two-dimensional code, variable bar code, electronic regulatory code, product batch number, serial number, production date and expiration date. The appearance of tinplate-canned products is more beautiful and elegant. With high quality UV digital printing, it can improve the quality of products and brand image. Tin tinplate packaging container is very popular with many customers.

Inkjet printing on tinplate has good adhesion, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance with high-level brightness and high production efficiency. Beer bottle caps, high-grade tea boxes, iron medicine box and other products are usually made of tinplate materials. Various models of X1, C1, C2 and X6 digital variable data UV printer series we have been providing can be used for tinplate inkjet printing. The variable codes can be printed before product forming or after product forming. AROJET series of inkjet equipment are excellent in quality and price, providing customers with the best inkjet coding solutions at the cost acceptable to customers, which has won praise from many customers. Its domestic sales have been ranked No. 1 in the same industry for many years.

AROJET inkjet printer advantages for tinplate printing:

- The printing quality is stable and reliable, and the equipment price is favorable.

- The inkjet printing speed can match the speed of customer's production line, and we also can configure suitable platform to meet customer's speed requirement.

- UV ink curing after printing can achieve instant drying, saving post-printing process time and improving production efficiency.

- Software editing is powerful and meets all kinds of variable code printing requirements for customers.

- Easy to operate and simple to maintain.

- UV ink has much lower ink loss and higher utilization rate. More importantly: absolutely environmental-friendly.

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