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Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Inkjet Printing Machine Systems


At present, China's food safety has been put on the agenda for urgent solutions by the food regulatory authorities. Although most of the food we eat has been monitored and managed for food safety traceability from the source of production to the consumer, there are still many foods that we eat directly that have not been implemented with such standardized management techniques. For example, the direct production process of agriculture, forestry, fishery, and animal husbandry can adopt anti-counterfeiting monitoring and quality management to ensure that the products that finally flow into the hands of consumers can be found. Each production link has information about the responsible person and product-related information. Stage information is logged in. Such a food safety traceability system can be completed by the anti-counterfeiting traceability system inkjet printing machine.

Recently, the construction of agricultural standardization implemented in a cold-water fish breeding base has achieved initial results, so that every fish sold can be traced. Using standardized food safety traceability solutions for breeding and quarantine, and feeding of fry, the quality of the fish produced is stable and the survival rate is high, so the sales are also very good. This is achieved by using the anti-counterfeiting traceability inkjet printing machine.

Whether it is from each batch of fish eggs hatching, fry growth, adult fish breeding, adult fish sales, etc., the corresponding time, date, shift, batch number, responsible person and other formal signs are printed with the inkjet printer. Finally, the information is displayed to consumers by editing it into a specific two-dimensional code and other information. So as to achieve the food safety traceability goal of safety supervision from farmland to table.

AROJET's traceability inkjet printer has never stopped on the road of food safety traceability assurance, and insists on being a high-end inkjet printing machine brand in the continuous innovation of inkjet technology.

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