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Uv Coding Technology Plays An Irreplaceable Role


Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many industries have been impacted and caused losses. The scale of the market economy and the production capacity of the manufacturing industry will have an impact on various industries in certain procedures. However, as the so-called "critical organic", some industries have also benefited from the outbreak. For example, in the big data application industry, after the outbreak, the country adopted a rapid, powerful and scientific response. UV coding technology, as a coding equipment, plays an irreplaceable role in the traceability system, increasing cooperation with big data companies, and system integration is the comprehensive use of UV coding technology, related data systems and software to help companies in the material End customers in the areas of preparation, manufacturing, storage and transportation, event sales, after-sales service, quality control, etc., achieve a full range of product tracking, anti-counterfeiting and anti-stringing, and improve the overall warehousing, logistics, anti-counterfeiting monitoring efficiency.

  The outbreak of the epidemic has put more emphasis on the development of product traceability systems. In order to capture as much market share as possible, Arojet code identification equipment manufacturers independently develop code identification equipment and traceable software to provide solutions to production enterprises, from the actual status of the production line Set out for full integration. In other words, when providing solutions to customers, it is no longer just a single coder for one line or several lines, but a total solution to achieve traceability of all production line products. This requires system integration, which eliminates complexity. In the traceability process, the QR code is a vital part of the entire traceable industrial chain. UV coding technology extends the traceability system of QR code data to all walks of life, realizing important products from raw materials, production and processing. The whole process from circulation to consumption can be traced, which will also bring unlimited opportunities and challenges to the development of the Internet of Things sign industry. Arojet UV inkjet coding machine has high printing readability, clear and beautiful, neat and clean, damage resistance, anti-counterfeiting and strong scratch resistance.

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