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Advantages And Print Principles Of Inkjet Printing Printer Machine


Digital, barcode, pattern or text of digital, barcodes, pattern or text, before the printer did not create a non-contact continuous inkjet printing machines, the printing machine is often used to complete the printing machine. The result of this is the character of character, and the time is laborious. The consumption efficiency is low, and because the quality of the product is lost, more and more customers and consumers are lost, and consumer companies have suffered losses. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to replace them.

After the efforts of scientists and many science and technology workers, small character printers, carton inkjet hybrids have been developed. Currently, these non-contact continuous inkjet printing machines have become the first choice for changes in the backward status. Small word printers are mainly used to set smaller words. Springs such as numbers and graphics. Carton inquiry, looking for a large text. Digital and graphics, etc. These two types of non-contact continuous inkjet printers machines compared with previous printing equipment and technologies, at least the following eight common advantages:

(1) The writing is clear: computer control, precisely prints the number of requests, text. Patterns and barcodes, etc.

(2) High automation level: Automatic completion date. The batch and number are gossip, and the unmanned operation of the print process is completed.

(3) Application category: Can match any consumption line. It can be in plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal, etc., the outer table of different forms, the factory, the factory dates, clarified, batch number, etc.

(4) Programming speed: After entering the requested number, text, pattern, and number of information passed by computer or editing machine, change print information, only pressing the number button.

(5) Character size adjustable: the font width, the height is suitable for conditioning, or the bold font can also be applied.

(6) The number of print lines is adjustable: the number of spray lines can be adjusted at 1-5 lines and can be used.

(7) The printing speed is extremely fast: the fastest can print 800 characters per second or 120 m / min.

(8) Meet special needs: printing with invisible ink, smoothly printing the invisible information or anti-counterfeiting identifier.

Due to the non-contact small character inkjet printer, the carton inquiry is a computer and high-tech crystal. It is quite high, the software version is easy to advance, and the cost of printing once on the product is very low, and has the above significant advantage. So small character printers, carton inkjet hyperanes can be universally applied in various industries such as food, beverage, tobacco, wine, packaging, medicine, chemical, electronics, mechanical parts and cables. 

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