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5G high-speed process, quietly affecting the development of product identification labels


The speed of the 5G process will greatly enhance the business experience of mobile Internet users and meet the massive demand for IoT applications. In the future, it will also drive the upgrade of the entire industry chain of communications, electronic components, chips, electronic tags, terminal applications, etc. It is expected to reach the trillion scale. The data shows that the global mobile terminal market reached 11 billion US dollars last year. It is expected that the market size is expected to exceed 18 billion US dollars by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of over 13%.

As a result, RFID technology has received much attention as a key technology for building the "Internet of Things." RFID electronic radio frequency product identification labels are in full swing in the domestic retail industry due to their better security, large data flow, long service life and convenient reading. More than 60% of the products sold by cosmetics and jewelry retailers in Europe and the United States carry RFID tags. In addition, alcohol and automotive supplies, sporting goods and small appliances are beginning to see the application of RFID product identification labels.

The two-dimensional code identification different from RFID is widely used in the traceability of various foods. It mainly includes product ingredient information, label information, production process, finished product information, test report information and so on. The two-dimensional code identification label has its own anti-counterfeiting function. Just scan the QR code with your mobile phone to learn about the basic information of the producer, and print the QR code in the package or publish it on the online sales platform to facilitate consumer supervision and inquiry. Consumers can scan the QR code product identification label on the smart phone WeChat and query the platform website to see a production date, batch, production license, ingredient list, milk powder integrity evaluation, consumer guide information, Information related to quality inspection reports, etc. With this wealth of information, consumers are more targeted and more assured when they buy. The Internet of Things, as its name implies, is the Internet connected by objects. It plays a vital role by using a small product identification label as a link connecting everything.

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