Which hand-held printer is better?

by:Arojet     2021-09-19

Which hand-held printer is better?

Hand-held inkjet printers are also called portable inkjet printers, which can be carried with you for printing, are light and easy to operate. For a long time, the working method of hand-held inkjet printers is essentially different from that of online inkjet printers. It is mainly suitable for large-scale, special-shaped, various types, frequent information changes, and multiple identification locations to become product identifications. At present, there are many types of handheld inkjet printers on the market. Each handheld inkjet printer has different brands. When choosing a handheld inkjet printer, how to identify which handheld inkjet printer is better? Today, Oulance will give a brief introduction to the handheld inkjet printers currently on the market, hoping to help you purchase handheld inkjet printers.

Hand-held inkjet printers have different working principles. They can be divided into three types: large-character handheld inkjet printers, high-resolution handheld inkjet printers (TIJ), and high-resolution handheld inkjet printers (DOD). Hand-held inkjet printers with different working principles are divided into domestic brands and foreign brands.

Large character hand-held inkjet printers include imported EBS hand-held inkjet printers and purely domestic Oulance large character hand-held inkjet printers. The performance of both inkjet printers is very good, and there is no technology. On the defects, the equipment stability is also better. It's just that the price of imported handheld inkjet printers is 1.5 times that of domestic handheld inkjet printers. The specific purchase depends on user needs.

High-resolution handheld inkjet printers (TIJ) are also divided into two types, one is the Xiaobawang inkjet printer made in Taiwan and the other is the Oulance high-resolution handheld inkjet printer. Both are in the form of a print head integrated with an ink cartridge, and the print height is also the same. In practical applications, the performance and printing effect are comparable. You can choose whichever you want. The details will not be repeated. Both machines are sold by Oulance, and the area is not limited. The company welcomes everyone to consult.

There is also a high-resolution handheld inkjet printer, which is mainly used in industries such as sheet metal, wood, uncoated cartons, and flooring. The printing height is slightly larger than that of the high-resolution handheld inkjet printer. Not much introduction, if you still have doubts about the handheld inkjet printer, you can call our Oulance inkjet printer, our company mainly deals with the full range of inkjet printer models, and you can come to the factory to see the equipment and the inkjet printer on-site Code video

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