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Understand what is a computer inkjet printer in one minute

by:Arojet     2021-08-01

Understand what a computer inkjet printer is in one minute.

Computer inkjet printer: literally explained, it is an inkjet printer that can be controlled by a computer program or computer software. In the sign industry, computer inkjet printers usually refer to small character inkjet printers, which are mainly used in food, beverages, packaging, building materials, cables, PCB circuit boards, mobile phone parts, electronic components, cosmetics, etc. A variety of automated assembly lines are used for coding and marking work. The printing content mainly includes production date, shelf life, company LOGO, pattern, specification batch number, automatic coding, two-dimensional code, bar code and other information that can be edited in the computer.

Although the computer inkjet printer is actually not related to the computer, from the point of view of the type, purpose and work flow of the inkjet printer, the real meaning of the computer inkjet printer lies in the realization of full-automatic and multi-functional Code. Compared with other domestic small-character inkjet printers of the same type, Oulance computer inkjet printers are the preferred brand of small-character inkjet printers whether it is the completeness of the software function or the degree of automation of the inkjet printer. As for the after-sales service of computer inkjet printers, Oulance promises to guarantee its free on-site maintenance service for up to 3 years, so that users can really rest assured to use Oulance small character inkjet printers.

The people of Oulance firmly believe that: With perfect after-sales service and high-quality inkjet equipment, Oulance will become the forefront of the computer inkjet printer industry and lead the new generation of computer inkjet printers. trend.

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