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Plastic product inkjet printer can print codes on various plastic packaging products

by:Arojet     2021-07-30
Plastic products are the general term for daily, industrial and other articles processed using plastic as the main raw material. Including all craft products such as injection molding and blister using plastic as raw material. Plastic is a kind of plastic synthetic polymer material. At present, all plastic products need to be printed. The actual plastic product inkjet printer has a variety of content, which can completely print text, numbers, pictures, two-dimensional codes, barcodes, etc. Han Xin code, supervision code, composite code, garbled code, database, etc. Arnoldage has developed a plastic product inkjet printer, which can print on plastic with high speed and high precision. The inkjet content has high adhesion, high efficiency, stable performance and excellent quality. The inkjet printing is all imported industrial piezoelectric nozzles. The inkjet is resistant to alcohol and scratches. Nowadays, Arnoldjet's plastic packaging inkjet printers use imported environmentally friendly UV inks, which not only have good visual effects, but also have stronger adhesion, which can better meet the requirements of inkjet materials. Plastic packaging inkjet printer (product packaging inkjet printer), it can print more than one hundred one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes. In a variety of developed barcodes and anti-counterfeiting methods, it needs to be printed without providing any source code. Printing prevents the leakage of anti-counterfeiting data. For the strengthening of environmentally friendly inks, plastic packaging is also applied to inkjet printers. At present, the stability and reliability of inkjet printer equipment will be an important trend in future development. The application of plastic packaging in the printing industry to inkjet printers is increasing. More expansive.
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