Performance analysis of handheld inkjet printer Recommended portable inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-09-19
As the application of marking equipment becomes more and more extensive, many companies consider the function, performance and practicability of inkjet equipment more comprehensively, so that it is easy to confirm whether the inkjet marking can meet the various marking tasks that the company needs to complete. . Among them, handheld inkjet printers are more prominent in their flexibility and portability. Compared with small-character inkjet printers and large-character inkjet printers, they are more recognized by enterprises. Plastics, woven bags, cement, steel, etc. can all be coded and marked on them, reducing the investment of enterprises in marking equipment on different products. Today, EBS logo uses EBS handheld inkjet printer as an example to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of portable inkjet printers: Compared with traditional online small-character inkjet printers and online large-character inkjet printers, EBS handheld inkjet printers The height of the fonts printed by the machine is relatively moderate, and the height range of the printed fonts is 8-57mm, which is not suitable for some products that print micro-fonts or super-large fonts. Secondly, the hand-held inkjet printer cannot be fixed on the production line, so it cannot print the objects that need to be marked in the flow process, and requires manual operation to complete the marking. As an imported inkjet printer, EBS handheld inkjet printer uses dot-matrix inkjet printing that will not damage the product surface, and the inkjet content is clean and beautiful. It uses innovative solenoid valve nozzles and ruby u200bu200bnozzles, which are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, The advantages of anti-corrosion and non-blocking nozzles reduce the maintenance cost of the machine. Hand-held inkjet printers need to use consumables, that is, inks, according to different marking requirements, EBS has a variety of color inks, UV anti-counterfeiting invisible inks, high temperature resistant, quick-drying inks, etc. At present, there are many domestic and imported brands on the market, and the price range is also very large. Of course, there is a significant gap in performance and cost performance. The EBS inkjet printer is exquisite, compact and easy to carry. As an imported intelligent inkjet printer, it is Features and after-sales are super cost-effective, combined with superb endurance, so that the company is more concise and clear in the process of use.
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