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Marking management of metal painted surface EBS handheld inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Many metal products need to be sprayed with a layer of paint on the surface, which is a very important metal anti-corrosion protection method. A good spray paint protection layer remains continuous and intact, with good combination, and can become a barrier to inhibit the intrusion of corrosive media. For unified management, enterprises need to mark relevant information on the metal spray paint surface. Traditional template spray paint or handwriting methods are likely to cause spray printing errors and irregularities. Due to the surface spray paint, marking errors and rework are more troublesome and increase the workload. The emergence of German EBS handheld inkjet printers has brought a more convenient solution for companies to mark on metal painted surfaces. Through PC terminal, Bluetooth, touch screen, dynamic data and other transmission methods, the accuracy of the identification information is ensured, and it can be free according to different product requirements. Adjust the height of the printed content. As a portable inkjet printer, EBS's compact and exquisite body design, combined with its super battery life, can adapt to complete marking tasks in different environments, allowing users to operate more freely. Due to the need to print on the metal spray paint surface, the EBS handheld inkjet printer uses a solenoid valve nozzle design and a ruby u200bu200bnozzle. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and no plugging of the nozzle, which prolongs the face of the whole machine. Service life under working environment. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, EBS smart inkjet printers can combine complex identification tasks with numbers, letters, Chinese characters, graphics, two-dimensional codes, etc., and are equipped with quick-drying inks, which can be printed on metal painted surfaces instantly. The content of the logo is neat and clear, with good resistance to migration, and does not affect subsequent processes.
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