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Carton automatic inkjet printer meets your needs in all kinds of cartons

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
As an indispensable part of modern logistics, packaging cartons bear important responsibilities for packaging, product protection, and aesthetics. The physical performance indicators of packaging cartons become the basis for its quality evaluation. In order to promote the aesthetics of the outer packaging, the content of the logo must have the effect of scratch resistance and fade resistance. From primary packaging to secondary packaging to tertiary packaging, product packaging is often diverse in terms of material and shape. Carton packaging inkjet codes have extremely high requirements for the specifications, clarity, aesthetics, and ink adhesion of the inkjet information. All imported industrial hot bubble nozzles are water-based ink outer box inkjet printers, which are easy to dry and high-speed, so they are suitable for matching faster printing machinery and expansion equipment, platform online printing, and offline operation. . The automatic carton inkjet printer that uses ink is nothing more than printing variable QR codes, barcodes and other anti-smuggling and anti-counterfeiting marks on all sides of the carton, helping carton companies to achieve a bottle-one-code, one-box-one-code quality traceability management, perfect The logo is more attractive to customers. The vertical accuracy of the nozzle is 300dpi-600dpi, and the horizontal accuracy of the nozzle is 300dpi-600dpi. The automatic carton inkjet printer perfectly combines the characteristics of high resolution and high-speed printing, which is very suitable for industrial environments. The printing unit adopts a multi-head printing design and operates at the same time to increase the printing width. , Can be easily integrated into your production line, the ink has excellent adhesion and quick-drying time, supports multi-line coding on various carton materials, if it is indispensable in terms of speed and quality, this excellent thermal The foaming system is your ideal choice.
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